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Professional Consultants Certificate

Generally Lenders will only lend on a newly built property or newly converted property, where it is covered by a warranty scheme such as that offered by National House Building Council (NHBC) or via a Professional Consultants Certificate.

If you wish to sell your house within 10 years of completion you will normally require either a structural warranty or a Professional Consultants Certificate.

professional consultants certificate
A Professional Consultants Certificate will confirm to the lender that a Professional Consultant:
Construction progress visit

Has visited the property to check its progress of construction, ensuring that it conforms with the drawings approved under building regulations and any drawings issued under the contract or specialist suppliers such as roof truss manufacturers.

Liable for 10 years

Will remain liable to the first purchaser and their lender and subsequent purchasers and lenders for a period of 10 years from completion.

Experienced in the design, monitoring of construction and conversion of residential buildings.

Has appropriate experience in the design and/or monitoring of the construction and conversion of residential buildings.

Professional indemnity insurance

Will keep a certain level of professional indemnity insurance in force to cover their liabilities under the certificate.

Who can sign Professional Consultants Certificates?

The certificates must be signed by a consultant who belongs to one of the following professional bodies as either a member or higher:

Design element

How does it work in practice?

At various stages during construction the works are inspected to ensure that they conform to the approved plans and specialists’ designs. The number of inspections can vary depending upon the construction of the property. You should always check with your lender that the inspections are acceptable to them as they may ask for more or less inspections as they see fit.

At the inspections the inspector/surveyor will check what has been built against drawings or specifications which have been provided along with taking photos in order to record what they have seen.

If everything is as it should be a certificate for that stage will be issued, potentially the same day by utilising the FastField App.
If there are any issues at the time of inspection these will be fed back and will need to be resolved before a certificate is issued.

Once the property has been completed a final inspection will be carried out, normally following the final visit by Building Control or an Approved Inspector. Again if there are no issues then a final completion certificate will be issued or any issues will be fed back and will need to be resolved before the final certificate is issued.

It should be noted that it is the responsibility of the client to inform White & Eddy Ltd of when the next stage inspection is ready to be inspected. Missed inspections could result in areas having to be opened up to prove that works have been carried out and in extreme circumstances where this cannot be done it could mean that a final certificate will not be issued.

Further information on Professional Consultants Certificate can be found by visiting the UK Finance website here.

It was refreshing to have things explained in plain terms and all the support needed to arrange the notices for our party wall when we extended.  
We would definitely recommend White and Eddy and would use them in the future.

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