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Structural Warranties

What is a Structural Warranty?

A structural warranty, sometimes known as structural/latent defects insurance is defined as an insurance policy that covers defects in the workmanship, design and materials used in the construction of a property.

For properties constructed within the last decade, a Professional Consultants Certificate or a Structural Warranty is required for sale. If you're self-building a property with a mortgage, the lender will necessitate a structural warranty.

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Partnering agreement

White & Eddy Ltd has formed a partnership with several providers of structural warranties in order to conduct Technical Audits and Completed Property Surveys, which are necessary for obtaining a Structural Warranty upon project completion.

Please visit our who we partner with page to learn more about these providers.

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How does it work in practice?

Typically, for a standard dwelling there will be four inspections:
  1. Foundations – checking the ground conditions, depths, widths, tree roots, etc
  2. Damp Proof Membrane – ensuring that laps are correct, joints are taped, service penetrations are sealed
  3. Cavities – checking wall ties are free from debris and horizontal, checking lintels, etc.
  4. Completion – general overview, checking extractors fans are working, fire egress windows, flush test on foul drainage system, etc.

The Structural Warranty provider determines the number of inspections needed, based on the complexity of the overall design or foundations.

Whilst less inspections are carried out to that of a Professional Consultants Certificate all elements of the dwelling are inspected at all of the inspection stages listed. So for example at the cavities inspection, usually carried out when the building is between 1st floor joists and wall plate, the block & beam layout and the 1st floor joist layout would also be inspected.

For further information please contact us.

The White and Eddy team were always helpful and explained everything clearly. They came to site promptly and talked through any issues before directing me to the solutions. I feel confident having them check each stage of our build...

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